Renovation of the Tushino substation, Moscow.

ECM is now working toward the mechanization of the construction process

The ‘Generalskaya’ substation, Rostov-on-Don. The ‘Generalskaya’ substation, Rostov-on-Don.

Current work: bunding of the fence, reinforcement of the firewater tanks

SF6 switchgear at the Serovsk GRES, Serov.

Internal doors have been installed (53 total, 4 fireproofed) – out of 56 target. 

The ‘Krasnoselskaya’ substation.

Electric work:  commissioning of the newly installed electric gear, fixing any shortcomings/problems pointed out by the owner. 

SF6 switchgear at the 4th unit of the Cherepovts GRES. SF6 switchgear at the 4th unit of the Cherepovts GRES.

Current work: Finishing work inside and outside is almost done

Setting up of a distribution and control networks (20 kV) in Moscow

Presently we’re doing the design specifications and estimates part on the project

The ‘Meschanskaya' - 'Krasnoselskaya' SS feeders.

Total length between the two is 10762 m. 10160 is done. 

The 'Krasnoselskaya' – TPP-23 feeders.

Stage 1 – micro-tunnel #1 (900 m) Statement of conformity signed.

The Novovoronezh NPP, 5th power unit. The Novovoronezh NPP, 5th power unit.

The Kurchatov branch is now doing all the work in and around the 5th power unit, including

The Kursk NPP The Kursk NPP

Replacement of air-blast breakers for the 330kV outdoor switchgears, replacement of oil transformers, replacement of old power cable

The Kostroma GRES The Kostroma GRES

The Kostroma branch is currently engaged in the following projects

The Adler TPS The Adler TPS

A series of construction, design, instrumentation-control, electrical equipment jobs at both power units of the Adler TPS (capacity – 180 MW each).

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