Software development and support

Software development and support

Software development and support.

With the growing advent of information technology, in 2008 ECM decided to open up a dedicated IT branch. The staff was comprised of highly experienced IT professionals.
Services provided by our IT division:

1C-based business automation;

Our IT division, a certified 1C:Franchising partner and leading 1C company in Ivanovo, provides professional 1C integration in the central and northwest regions.

List of services:
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The branch also develops custom software based on Oracle and MS-SQL databases and other types of special software.

One of the most notable products developed by the IT branch would be ‘DocProfi,’ which is custom software for storing and working with project documentation. This software has enabled all ECM branches to be in sync and coordinated when it comes to documents. DocProfi is designed to digitally analyze every document and then store it in sophisticated databases with easy access and order. DocProfi is registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Service of Russia.

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Of the recent products, the most noteworthy development would be software called WorkFlow. This program's chief purpose is to automatically keep track of all the operational processes involved in any given project. Based on the WorkFlow software, the division also launched a unified call-center for the company. A special phone line was created so that any ECM employee could get work-related information or advice. 
The division also develops websites based on the 1C-bitrix platform.
The websites developed by the branch differ greatly in complexity. They range from one-page sites to entire online stores. The branch is a certified 1C-Bitrix partner. The partnership is only awarded to leading IT companies whose experience is of the highest level.

Company portfolio can be found on this website.

The company also builds multilevel networks and integrated/unified phone systems based on the Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office platforms.

For information sharing purposes and general coordination of work process, the branch created a special unified information environment system. This system allows for quick inter-office information exchange. All the systems and online databases are encrypted and all data transmissions are protected.

Company branches have ATC Avaya systems installed. All ATS systems are connected thus providing voice communication via IP protocols. This enables ECM branches to have an internal telephone network without having to pay extra to an outside phone provider.

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