About Us

On January 1, 1940 the USSR chief power organization (Narkomat) formed a special agency called “Centroelektromontazh” (central agency of electric installation works). The agency’s primary tasks were to perform installation works at the Novomoskovsk SDPS and some other power facilities of Mosenergo, and also to construct power lines of 220 kV.

In 1942 Centroelektromontazh was restructured into a construction and installation agency called Centroelektrosetstroy, which consequently served as the foundation for creating another agency with the same name but a broader scope of work. This agency later on grew into an entire trust, retaining the initial name. In 1962, after years of operating, learning and self-improving, the Centroelektromontazh trust was renamed to Elektrocentromontazh, and in 1993 this organization was proudly renamed to OJSC “Elektrocentromontazh” (ECM).

During World War II a large number of ECM employees nobly laboured at various defense industry power facilities across the Soviet Union, in such cities as Moscow, Kuibyshev, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Guriev and other. To bring electrical power to the most devastated places, the ECM team built eight so-called portable power trains. As the Soviet military forces pushed their way west, the ECM workers kept on restoring and rebuilding the ruined power facilities in Volgograd, Minsk, Sevastopol, Bryansk, Orsh, Novomoskovsk and many other areas.

In 1946, for all its self-sacrificing, back-breaking, ceaseless labour, the entire ECM workforce was permanently granted the special recognition award called The Red Banner of AUCCTU.  In 1962, after ECM successfully energized the Moscow-Baikal main railway, its effort was once again acknowledged nationwide, this time with the special Order of Lenin award

For its further outstanding performance over many years, ECM received multiple certificates and diplomas from the USSR Ministry of Energy and other major organizations. Over the past economically tough years, ECM's numbers have consistently remained high; that’s why in 1996 ECM was given the Leader of Russian Economy award, in 1998 – the Golden Business award, same year ECM got the international prize from the Philanthropist of the Century fund, and in 2005 earned the special Business of the Year prize from the International Academy of Economics.

ECM has participated in building the Voronezh, Smolensk, Kursk and Beloyarskaya nuclear power plants, and also a number of power facilities abroad. 

In 1991 ECM added to its list of services the so-called “turn-key” package. This included the full cycle of relevant work: designing, building, equipping, assembling, testing, and maintaining.

In its work, ECM successfully applies a certified quality management system that meets the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 international standard requirements.

Since 1940 ECM had installed and adjusted the following equipment:
The ECM team is currently engaged in a variety of complex problems including designing, building, installation, adjustment and restoring of electrical equipment on power and economic facilities in more than 25 regions of central part of Russia.