The Kursk NPP

-  Replacement of air-blast breakers for the 330kV outdoor switchgears, replacement of oil transformers, replacement of old power cable. 

-  Installation of basic equipment.  Renovation of the ISFSI.  . Renovation of the container complex.

-  Setup of new lighting systems.

-  Replacement of the RU-0.4 kV equipment.

-  Electric work at the control boards for the radioactive drain system.                                                                                                                                                                          

-  Temporary power feed (0.4 kV), temporary lighting system for the construction site.

-  Renovation of the radiation monitoring system in accordance with effective regulations.   Installation of the electric equipment for the radiation monitoring system.


-  Installation of air conditioning systems for various rooms/buildings . .

-  Installation of pumps for the dirty oil tanks.

-  Replacement of old manometers.

-  Electric work at the new emergency spillway.

-  Replacement of RC-circuits at the TG1-TG4 turbine generators. 

-  Removal and installation of a new control system for the secondary feeder.

-  Electric work at the fallout shelter (holds 1200 people).

-  Electric work for the fire-retardant valves of the 3rd unit's ventilation systems.


Project owner:  OAO “Rosenergoatom Concern”  The Kursk NPP.

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