The Adler TPS


The Adler TPS is power supply facility that is going to play a critical role during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.  The plant will serve as the primary power feed for a number of sports facilities as well as the Olympic village and also for a host of local houses in Sochi and its region. The launch celebration is pre-scheduled to take place sometime in 2012.

The plant’s overall area is going to cover roughly 24.5 acres, located down in the Imeretinsk lowlands and consisting of two gas-vapor units with a total capacity of 360 mW (thermal capacity – about 227 Gcal/h). The plant has been designed to run, primarily, on two stream turbines /T-48/62-7,4/0,12/ (60 mW each), manufactured by OAO “Sylovie Mashini”, four gas turbines /V64,3A/, courtesy of Ansaldo Energia (65 mW each) and several exhaust-heat boilers designed by OAO “Podolsk Mashinostroitelny Zavod”.

The ordering party (customer) on this project is ZAO “Mezhregion-Energostroy.” The chief investor is OOO “Russkie Energetitcheskie Proekti” – a company owned by OAO “Gasprom.” Primary contractor – OAO “TEK Mosenergo.”

On September 20, 2010 OAO “ECM” and OAO “TEK Mosenergo” signed a long-term contract for a series of construction/design and other types of work that ECM would be performing at the two power units of the Adler TPS (total capacity of the plant is 360 mW, 180 mW each), this also included installation jobs (auxiliary electrical equipment), cable laying and material provision – all under the “Adler TPS” project. 

The list of planned activities includes:

  1. Electrical equipment installation
    • Secondary Distribution Switchgears, 110 and 220 kV (Siemens manufacture)
    • Power transformers: 16 mVA – 4 units; 25 mVA – 1 unit; 80 mVA – 6 units and one 200 mVA autotransformer (Zaporozhye transformer plant manufacture)
    • Switch-/Controlgear (6 kV) for both units (courtesy of the “Samara Electroschit” company”)
    • BOP switchgear (0.4 kV) (SDS for both power units)
    • Relay protection & automatic equipment (Siemens manufacture)
    • EC&I and CAM equipment (again, Siemens manufacture)
    • Gas-turbine equipment (1,2,3,4) (from Ansaldo Energia)
    • Fan cooling tower equipment (GEA)
  2. Grounding, lightning protection, lighting systems, current distribution systems, cable lines (110/220 kV), cable passages – for both primary and secondary/auxiliary facilities of the Adler TPP.

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