Expansion of Krasnodar TPP Expansion of Krasnodar TPP
There’s going to be a new gas-vapor power facility built as part of the expansion project at the Krasnodar TPP. The chief purpose is to get the Region ready for the upcoming 2014 Olympics and power up some of the newly-built places around town.
Stavropol GRES Stavropol GRES

The GRES is located in a sunny place called Solnechnodolsk, northern part of the Stavropol Territory. The branch is part of the southern power network, which is basically an unprofitable alliance.

Yuznaya TPP (TPP-22), St. Petersburg Yuznaya TPP (TPP-22), St. Petersburg

The TPP is one of the major power sources in the city.

Kirishi GRES Kirishi GRES

The work there is going to involve the expansion of the 6th PU gas turbine (300 mW). Two additional turbines will be installed and wired up according to all relevant standards (279 mW each).

Electrical Work at the 1st Power Unit of the Nyagan GRES Electrical Work at the 1st Power Unit of the Nyagan GRES

The range of jobs done at the Nyagan GRES went from the provision of electrical equipment/materials to full-blown installation projects at the 1st PU of the plant, which included the setup of several power transformers.

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