Expansion of Krasnodar TPP

The station is going to be rigged with the best equipment available on the market: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries M701F4 gas turbine (303.4 mW), a hydrogen generator (also Mitsubishi), an exhaust turbine (courtesy of ZAO “Ural Turbine Plant”, capacity – 140 mW), a turbine generator made by OAO “ElSib”, and an exhaust-heat boiler (M-Alliance manufacture).

With this incredible equipment in place, the plant will barely be making any negative impact on the environment, since the amount of the emitted greenhouse gas (which is one of the most dangerous polluters around there) will be pretty much insignificant.

ECM’s share of work on this project included:

  • A range of jobs related to power equipment at the gas-vapor station;
  • EC&I equipment installation work;
The following companies/branches have taken part in the project:

In 2011 the scope of work at the Nygan GRES included:

1. Main building:
  • Cordage/installation of some package and auxiliary transformers (4 units);
  • Current distributors, auxiliary current distributors, total length — 1500 m.
  • Generator breakers, 2 units;
  • KRU-6kV, installation, 78 sections, 5 half-sections;
  • RUSN-0.4 kV, 60 sections (5 half-sections, incl. transformers);
  • Installation of RUSN-0.4 kV, 1 unit;
  • Feed systems for gas and vapor turbines;
  • Relay protection boards, vapor turbine installation – 15 boards all told;
  • Installation of a DC control board (1 unit), batteries (2 units);
  • Metalwork constructions – 300 tons total;
  • Power cable – 200 km; Control cable – 350 km;
  • Indoor lighting system setup, 5200 units total;
  • Outdoor lighting system setup, 120 units total;
  • EC&I equipment.
2. ORU-220 (the expansion part)
  • SF6 circuit breakers – 8 units;
  • Isolators – 42 units;
  • Flexible busbar systems;
  • Control cable laying/connection – 100 km total;
3. Renovation of ORU-110 and 220 kV.
  • Removal and installation of breakers – 14 units total;
4. Various auxiliary facilities
  • Outdoor/indoor grounding grid;
  • indoor/outdoor lighting systems;
  • Installation of cable boxes;
  • Control cable laying/connection;
  • Electrical equipment repair;
EC&I systems.

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Expansion of Krasnodar TPP Expansion of Krasnodar TPP Expansion of Krasnodar TPP Expansion of Krasnodar TPP Expansion of Krasnodar TPP

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