Stavropol GRES


The GRES is located in a place Solnechnodolsk, northern part of the Stavropol Territory. The branch is part of the southern power network, which is basically an unprofitable alliance. As things stand now, the plant is fully capable of exporting power to Georgia and Azerbaijan and at the same time operating as a critical link in the southern power network.
The plant continues to be a major emergency control automatics center in the network. The Stavropol GRES is a facility with a fairly broad power-control band, its numbers in terms of productivity and overall performance are well above average, the plant is 100% up to all standards and it keeps working without failure. The southern network demand for 2008-2011 is projected to be about 5% a year, which is what it’s been for the past several years. This also means that plant’s significance on the market will continue to rise. 
Plants numbers: total power capacity – 2400 mW, total heating capacity – 220 Gcal/h.

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Stavropol GRES Stavropol GRES Stavropol GRES

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