Works performed by Cherepovets branch in September, 2013


1. Construction of the Cherepovets SDPS power unit No. 4. Installation of the electrical equipment, I&C and ICS (p. Kaduy of the Vologda region).

Since May, 2013 works are performed on an order of the St. Petersburg branch.

  1. Turbine department. Installation of a box with protection, the trolley current-conducting wire, traffic lights, metalworks. Laying of the grounding conductor, laying of cable in the laid metalsleeves. Priming of metalworks.
  2. Electrical device department. Installation of the grounding conductor, grid of electromagnetic shielding. Laying of cable on the installed constructions.
  3. Boiler department. Installation of boxes with protection, metalworks and flexible current-conducting wire. Laying of cable in metal sleeves, laying of the grounding conductor. Priming of metalworks.
  4. Platform of processing pipelines and cable boxes. Installation of grounding crossing points.
  5. Automation of technological processes. Laying of cable on constructions and in pipes. Installation of metal boxes, sockets plug, seals trailer.

2. Construction of the Cherepovets SDPS power unit No. 4. Complete gas-insulated switchgear (KRUE)-220 kV (p. Kaduy of the Vologda region):

  1. Installation of protecting constructions. Installation of wall protecting constructions: from multilayered panels. Sealing. Local warming of knots. Installation of steel window blocks. Arrangement of small coverings (fire walls, parapets, overhangs, etc.) from the sheet zinced steel.
  2. Architectural concepts. Blind area. Arrangement of ramp. PM 1 plate. Arrangement of base plates ferroconcrete. 3-4 cm thickness paving from hot asphalt concrete mixes. Arrangement of PM 2, PM 3, PM 4 plates. Blind area device. Waterproofing of walls, bases. Arrangement of temperature seams. Wooden external and internal covering.
  3. Heating and ventilation.

  • Control assembly. Installation of gates, latches, locks, valves, ball cocks, steel flanges. Installation mud collectors, water purification filters. Laying of pipelines.
  • Heating. Installation of arms under the ventilating equipment. Installation of gates, latches, locks, return valves, straight-through cocks on pipelines. Installation of air collectors. Laying of heating and water supply pipelines.
  • Heat supply. Installation of gates, latches, locks, return valves, straight-through cocks on pipelines. Installation of filters. Installation of air collectors. Laying of heating and water supply pipelines. Hydraulic test of heating system pipelines.
  • Ventilation. Installation of return valves. Installation of hermetic doors. Installation of hoods over sheet steel mines. Installation of pass knots of exhaust ventilation mines. Installation of louvered grids. Laying of sheet zinced steel air ducts.

        4. Automatic installations of water fire extinguishing. Installation of sprinklers, flange fittings, ball cocks. Installation of steel pipelines, construction of                          pipeline joint. Installation of branches, transitions, tees, steel flanges. Arrangement of the production pressure sewerage. Installation of sleeves, gates,                valves. Laying of heating and gas supply pipelines from steel seamless pipes. Priming, oil colouring.

        5. Lightning protection. Installation of metal works of current-conducting wire. Colouring, priming of security element.

        6. Internal ladders. Arrangement of overlappings on steel beams and monolithic sites at combined ferroconcrete overlapping. Installation of embedded                    fitting. Arrangement of ladders on the prepared basis from separate steps. Priming, colouring of metal surfaces.

3. Reconstruction of overhead line (VL) 220 kV Energiya 3, overhead line (VL) 220 kV Poshekhonye – Cherepovets 1 and overhead line (VL) 220 kV Pervomayskaya on substation (PS) 750 kV Belozerskaya and reconstruction of outdoor switchgear (ORU) 220 kV at substation (PS) 220 kV of RPP-1.

  1. Laying of control and information cable of ICS on substation (PS) RPP-1.
  2. LAN on substation (PS) RPP-1. Laying of twisted pair.
  3. Installation of indoor switchgear (ZRU) on substation (PS) RPP-1 control and power cable.
  4. Installation of cable of electric power fiscal metering system.
  5. Installation of fire-prevention seals in the complete gas-insulated switchgear (KRUE)-220 kV building.

4. PGU 110 MW of the Vologda HEPS GU JSC TGC-2 on the Vologda region.

  1. Installation of metalworks.
  2. Laying of a I&A control cable on cable constructions and pipes in the main building and on infrastructure objects in quantity of 14,9 km.

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