Projects of the Kurchatov branch, July 2013

1. The Kursk NPP.
  • Third power unit. Turbine generator TT-5,6. Setup of piping equipment and valves;
  • Chemical control work at the 3rd and 4th units. Installation of impulse pipes, valves, control boards. Cable laying;
  • Third power unit. Replacement of some minor control equipment. Instruments and controls for the turbine section. Setup of piping, valves; 
  • Third power unit. Replacement of fire arrestors. Cable laying, installation of passages and joints; 
  • Rooms 914/2,510/2, 061/1, 914/1 of the 3rd and 4th units; 
  • Third power unit. Installation of a new smoke exhaust/air booster system across hallways and stairwells;
  • Third power unit. Fire alarm system. Piping, cable laying;
  • A 750kV outdoor switchgear. Replacement of breakers (5И-В-1, 5И-В-0);
  • Third power unit. Software/hardware complex. Setup of piping, valves. Cable laying, boxes, joints, overall pressurization;
  • Connecting the temporary building/engineering sites to the plant’s power grid. Installation of electric equipment, cable laying, metalwork constructions, lighting system; 
  • Third power unit. Replacement of AB-0,4 (A3110) breakers. Removal of an aluminum bus, cable laying and installation of terminators. 
2. The Novovoronezh NPP, 5th power unit.
  • 5th power unit. Main building, auxiliary buildings, control sections. Cable laying, instruments/controls equipment, cable passages, ASU boxes. 
3. Stoilensky mining plant.
  • Otvalnaya substation (35/6kV). Condenser unit, fire alarm system. Cable laying;
  • GSh-06. Transformer oil storehouse. Installation of some technological equipment. 
4. Second launch area of the Nyagan GRES.
  • The turbine section. Installation of breakers, outlets, cable laying. EC&I equipment (setup).

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