Works performed by Kurchatov branch in August 2016


1. Kursk NPP

Local-area network equipment installation

HTRO-3. Power cable laying and connection, equipment installation

AKS, KNS. Installation of piping assemblies with details of seamless pipes installation

3rd power unit. Electric contact pressure gauges replacing, installation of junction boxes, installation of protective tubes, cable and wire laying

KP GRO. Сommunication network installation, lighting network installation, ventilation equipment installation, cable metalworks installation

KP TRO. Cable metalworks installation, fixtures installation, earthing strips installation

330 kV outdoor switchgear (ORU). Disconnectors replacement

750 kV outdoor switchgear (ORU). Busbar replacement, insolators dismantlement/installation

AUPS and AUPT system installation. support structures installation, stainless steel pipe installation, fire extinguishing piping installation

SARZ modernization at 3rd power unit. Equipment dismantlement, support structures installation, control cable laying, junction boxes, earthing system installation.

Improvement of reliability of PPKP-01F and CSR factory "Tensor" at 3-4 en. blocks. Control cable laying.

2. Kursk NPP-2

HVL 330kV reconstruction. Foundations dismantlement. Support foundations installation. High-voltage poles installation (in the amount of 4).

CR line - 6 kV Removal.

Solid foundations palification.

Intra-and off-site water supply and sanitation laying.

330 kV outdoor switchgear (ORU). Gravel preparation.

The OPU building. Gravel preparation, reinforced concrete raft foundations concreting

Power transformers installation. Crushed stone base device. Oil receiver walls concreting.

Sump. The sump bottom reinforcement and concreting. The formwork sump walls reinforcement and installation.

Cell N6 reconstruction. Foundations installation for the breakers, transformerts and circuit breakers. Hardware installation for equipment.

3Lebedinsky GOK

Substation 110/6kV. Earthing system installation, electricity system installation, switchgear assembly cells – 6kV installation, control and power cable installation.

Shaft furnace. Сable metalworks installation, cable laying, lighting fixtures installation.

Central control station building. Lighting equipment installation, junction and terminal boxes installation.

Overpass pipelines. Electrical pathway TKLS (M) -6-4000-204UHL installation.

CPU lighting installation. Lighting fixtures installation, wires laying.

Pumping station. Pipes laying, couplings installation, hoses laying.

Overpass pipeline PB-01. Trays installation, racks installation, brackets installation.

Cable rack RV-30. Brackets installation.

Cable racks PB-04, PB-02. Trays installation.

4. LNPP-2

Cable laying

Electrical pathway installation.

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