Works performed by Novovoronezh branch in May-June 2015




Work done


Novovoronezh NPP

         220 kV substation Novaya

Accumulator battery dismantlement

Loading and unloading works

Precast ferroconcrete constructions installation

Pipeline installation




Novovoronezh NPP (under construction)

Plant 10kV switchgear building

End sleeves installation

Steel pipe installation

Bellows valves installation

Primary pressure transducer stands installation

Cable laying

Installation of the information block, thermal resistance assembly block, thermometers block, manometers block

Cabinets installation

         Fire house facilities complex

Control cable preparation

         Building for 0,4 kV auxiliary switchgear modular block

Network cable laying

Drilling waste disposal site

Internal commutation of the equipment

Pavement installation

Automation system installation


Serov SDPS

         Chemical water purification building

Cable installation.

         6 kV cubicle switchgear

Subcommutation equipment installation

Power cable installation.

         Main building

Lighting installation.

Cable metalwork installation.

Cable laying.

Subcommutation equipment installation.

Subcommutation cable installation.

Circulating pump station

Cable installation.

Metalwork installation.

         Transformer yard №1

Cable metalwork installation. 
Cable installation.

          Flood prevention

Cable installation.


CS Kazachiya (compressor station)


Fuel Gas System

Power cable installation

Waste water treatment unit

End seals installation

Connecting cable cores to clamps

KMK installation

Connecting cables to the boards, KSV boxes

Indoor switchgear 10

Manometers installation on the line and on equipment

Pressure transducers, valves installation

Pipeline installation

Glanding of the cable lead-ins

Fire-fighting water supply pump station

Photosensors installation, photodiode lamps

KMK installation

Stabilized condensate deposit

Partition insulators installation

Main grounding bus installation

KMK installation


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