Works performed by Novovoronezh branch in January-February 2015




Work done


Novovoronezh NPP

·         220 kV substation Novaya

Precast ferroconcrete constructions installation, ferroconcrete foundation works, finishing works, air ventilation system installation, metal structures chamber, cable laying.


Novovoronezh NPP (under construction)

·         Fire house facilities complex

Network cable installation

·         Building for 0,4 kV auxiliary switchgear modular block

Internal commutation of the equipment.

Pavement installation.

Drilling waste disposal site

Automation system installation.


Serov SDPS

·         Chemical water purification building

Cable installation.

·         6 kV cubicle switchgear

Subcommutation equipment installation

Power cable installation.

·         Main building

Lighting installation.

Cable metalwork installation.

Cable laying.

Subcommutation equipment installation.

Subcommutation cable installation.

·         Circulating pump station

Cable installation.

Metalwork installation.

·         Transformer yard №1

Cable metalwork installation.
Cable installation.

·         Flood prevention

Cable installation.

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