Works performed by Kurchatov branch in March 2015


1. Kursk NPP

·         3rd power unit and spent fuel storage (HOYaT). Radiation control system (SRK) modernization.

T-joints, valves and detecting devices installation, installation of control cables, cable metalwork and equipment installation.

·         3rd power unit. Operating lifespan extension. 0,4kV shunt release replacement.

Busbars replacement.

·         2nd power unit. Control instrumentation equipment installation and dismantlement.

Equipment and connectors dismantlement, equipment installation, end sleeves installation, cable laying.

·         2nd power unit. KTsTK (technological integrity control system) humidity control system replacement.

Connectors dismantlement, equipment installation, junction boxes installation, cable laying.

·         330 kV outdoor switchgear (ORU). Disconnectors installation.

Disconnectors installation, control cable installation.

·         2nd power unit. ZNOL-6kV transformers installation.

Equipment installation, cable laying.

·         1st and 2nd power units. Metran-22 detectors installation.

Detectors dismantlement and installation.

·         SH UPTK Base #3 administration building work stations connection to the Kursk NPP local computer network.

Equipment installation, cable laying, pipe, cable-duct and sockets installation.

·         750kV outdoor switchgear (ORU). 2-IV-2 switch replacement.

Switch and control cable installation.

2. Novovoronezh NPP-2

·         Instrumentation and control equipment and automatic process control system equipment installation at the 10UKC reactor auxiliary building of Novovoronezh NPP-2.

Power and control cable laying, seal glands, lamps, ducts and cabinets installation.

3. Mikhailovsky GOK (mining and processing plant)

·         Pelletization block of the kilning machine No. 3 technological complex. Mixing and homogenization section.

Carriers installation, cable laying, lamps and bus line installation.

4. Kazachya compressor station (CS) (1st stage) of the Southern Corridor gas transmission system

·         Fuel Gas System site automatization. 

Control cable laying, control line installation, cable metalworks installation.

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