Works performed by Kurchatov branch in December 2013


1 . Kursk NPP.

  • the 2nd power unit Performance of electric installation work "about replacement of transformers of tension ZNOL.06-20UZ ooze, the installed on turbogenerators of type tav-500-2UZ on transformers of tension of import production.

Installation of equipment.

  • 3rd power unit. Replacement of generating V-7G switches, 1B-6T of R-7G 1R-61 disconnectors on the gas-insulated generating distributing device.

Equipment installation, cable laying.

  • 3rd power unit. The structure of systems of smoke removal from evacuation corridors and an air subtime in staircases.

Installation of equipment.

  • 4th power unit. Modernizations of technological part of AUPT RDES.

Installation of a pipe, tees.

  • 4th power unit. Reduction of level of illumination according to Construction Norms and Regulations in room 503/2,242/2, 510/2, 061/2 and 914/2.

Installation of lamps.

  • Modernization ORU-750 kV.

Cable laying.

  • Installation of equipment of the automated systems of object "The Kursk nuclear power plant the Storage of the Fulfilled Nuclear Fuel (SFNF). Reconstruction. Complex of systems of container storage and the address with OYaT RBMK-1000. Annex.

Installation of the technological pipeline, installation of devices.

2 . New Voronezh nuclear power plant.

  • Modernization of panels and panels of normal operation of BSU, RSU.

Metal designs installation.

  • Reconstruction of the room located between axes 14-16 mark. + 5,650.

Installation of the PMN panels.

  • Cable routes RO and MZ.

Dismantle, cable installation.

3 . Stoilensky GOK.

  • GPP-06.

Transformer installation, laying and connection of a cable.

  • Warehouse of transformer oil.

Installation of the fire alarm system.

4. Novocheboksarsk TETT-3.

  • "Modernization of Novocheboksarsk CHPP-3" Installation of cable routes. Laying, cutting and connection of cables of instrumentation and automated control systems.

Installation of a metalsleeve, trailer seals.

  • Installation conductor. Installation of equipment and materials.

Installation of antiemergency automatic equipment, cable, equipment.

5. Vladimir CHPP-2.

  • Reconstruction of the Vladimir CHPP-2 with the MWt PGU-230 installation

Installation of generating switches, CH 6-0 4kV transformers of the current distributor 20, 6 kV, cases of CREWE-6 of kV, assemblies of PR, SPT, cable metal designs

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