The ‘Pererva’ substation.

Location: Nizhnie polia 37, South-East Municipal District, Moscow


Brief inventory: two power transformers, neutral grounding resistor, current-limiting reactors, circuit and power breakers, auxiliary transformers, LAN, video surveillance system, and other equipment.


Conntection with the ‘Saburovo-Baskakovo 1,2’ ss.


Period of building, installation and adjustment works:

Commencement of the work – October 15, 2008

Termination of the work – July 15, 2009

Customer: ОАО«Energokompleks»


General contractor: ОАО«Electrocentromontazh»

Current status: put into operation

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The ‘Pererva’ substation. The ‘Pererva’ substation. The ‘Pererva’ substation. The ‘Pererva’ substation.

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