The ‘Novaya’ substation.

Location: Moscow, inter-tracks area on Rabochaya ul. AndVoitovichul.

On-site are two power transformers, a neutral grounding resistor, current-limiting reactors, 20 kV breakers, current distributors, two auxiliary transformers, auxiliary resistors, EC&M equipment, some teleautomatics equipment, protection grids, etc. 

Installation of two SF6 switchgears at the Novo-Izmailovo substation for further merging with the Novaya SS.

Period of building, installation and adjustment works:

Commencement of the work – August 15, 2011

Termination of the work – October 30, 2012

Customer: ОАО«OEK»

General contractor: ОАО«MSU-1»

Current state:  the substation is being prepared for the last testing activities and consequently coming into action (220 kV).

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The ‘Novaya’ substation. The ‘Novaya’ substation. The ‘Novaya’ substation. The ‘Novaya’ substation.

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