OAO ‘Gazpromneft-MNPZ’

Staff: 52 workers, including 36 wiremen.

General construction work involves: Installation and setup of external utility networks (sewage – 99% completed, fire main – 99 % completed), except the B-1 network. In all, the utility network is now 98 % done.   Installation of a hanging ceiling on the 3rd floor – 95% completed.  The front is all done except the drain system.  6 kV cable overpass is in place. Current work now also involves land improvement activities.

Electric work:  In progress now is the installation of cable constructions (joints, passages, overpasses); progress by unit - 1st unit is 100%, 2nd unit is 95%, 3rd unit is also 95%.  Secondary control wiring is now being setup, heating system is 90% completed.  Cable laying work is underway, current area is 23 sq. km out of 47.  Major testing activities are also going on around the site.

Vents:  Air ducts/pipes have most been installed, progress by floor:   1st – 99%, 2nd – 99%, 3rd – 95%.

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OAO ‘Gazpromneft-MNPZ’ OAO ‘Gazpromneft-MNPZ’

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