The ‘Mneviki’ substation, Moscow.

Staff: 72 workers, including 10 wiremen.

General construction work involves: Now doing final cleaning work and commissioning on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors (currently commissioned 48 out of 80 rooms). New membrane roof is completed.  Current work: installation of external weather bars all around the building, water drain system, grounding grid, land improvement activities.

Electric work:  Correcting the problems previously pointed out by OAO ‘OEK’ with regards to the electric equipment.  Commissioning of installed systems/grids and equipment.  Work is also being done toward installing video surveillance systems for electric equipment (including transformers), outdoor lighting system and general video surveillance equipment.

Vents:  The ventilation system is finished and is presently being commissioned.  Individual testing is also being conducted across various systems, 42 out of 49 have been commissioned.  The ventilation system is currently undergoing certification.

Internal utility networks: the basement is 90% completed. B1 wiring is done, running water is in reach of the end-user.

External utilities: the network has been successfully connected to the main sewer.  Land improvement activities are now underway.  The T2 and T3 oil drain systems have been put into action (except for the main well).

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The ‘Mneviki’ substation,  Moscow. The ‘Mneviki’ substation,  Moscow.

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