2nd and 3rd launch sites at the “Meschanskaya” substation

The “Meschanskaya” SS address:  facility No2, Ogorodny proezd, Moscow.
A 3-story building measuring 78.7 by 42 meters.
A complete scope of construction and landscaping activities was performed.  Electrical equipment installed: TDCN-100000/220-U1 power transformers (3 units), SDS 220 kV (9 sections), KRU-20kV boxes of the UniGear ZS1 model, RTOS-20-2500-0.35-U3 current-limiting reactors (18 units), ShSN 0.4 kV, EC&I, RPS, fire safety equipment. Presently the facility is being tested and launched.  A host of utility networks were also built up from scratch (total length – 933 m).
The substation was launched 08/26/2010.
The work includes: cable passageways (220 kV) from the “Meschanskaya” SS through the “Butirki” SS to the “Krasnoselskaya” SS, overall length – 3247 and 9450 meters, respectively.
Customer:  OAO“Energocomplex”
Project start-off date: July, 2008.

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