2nd launch site at the Novo-Kuzminki substation

Address: facility 2-4, Volzhki blvrd, next to “Tekstilshiki”. This is a 3-story building measuring 58 by 42 meters.
The substations has the following equipment: two 160 mVA power transformers, SF6 distribution points (220 kV), 4-section packaged distribution system (20 kV).
The scope of construction and indoor works was performed in full, from start to finish. A number of utility networks were also built up from ground zero (total length – 706 m). A full cycle of power-related activities was carried out also in full.

The facility was launched 12/27/2010.

Presently there’s some work in progress: cable passageways (220 kV), “Novo-Kuzminki” substation through “Chagino” substation. The high-voltage feed is going to come (220 kV cable lines) from the “Chagino” substation.  Cable laying activities are going to run up against some trouble coming from the fact that this is a 9.5 kilometers network going through town and some severely impaired areas. A large chunk of the network is going to pass through recreation parks and water bodies. To avoid any sorts of negative impact caused by the lines, our company is planning to shield-tunnel all the cables.
Ordering party – OAO “Energocomplex.”
Project start-off date: May, 2008. 

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