2nd launch site at the “Pererva” substation

Customer:  OAO“Energocomplex”
This is a 220/20 kV substation. Address: 1, Donetskaya st., Moscow.
A 3-story building, 57.1 by 42 meters.
Work included a full cycle of construction jobs. An entire utility network was built up from scratch (869 meters total length). Installation/testing activities: power transformers TDCN-100000/220/20 (2 units), SDS (220 kV), relay protection boards, power metering systems.
The substation was launched 11/15/2010.
The work includes: cable passageways (220 kV) at the substation – transition point to the “Saburovo” and “Baskakovo” airways. Total length – 1995 meters.

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