Substation Pererva

The substation of 220/20 kV Pererva is constructed on the territory of South-eastern region of Moscow to the address: Donetskaya ul., d.1. The object is a three-storey construction of 57,1х42 meters in size.

The full complex of all-construction works is executed. Construction of engineering networks with general extension of 869 m is executed. Installation and adjustment of power transformers TDCN-100000/220/20 (2 units), complete gas-insulated switchgear KRUE 220 kV, RZA ASUTP panels, electric power fiscal metering system AIIS KUE AIIS KUE is executed.

The substation was put into operation on 15.11.2010.

Works on construction of 2nd launching complex are being conducted: connection of 220 kV cable lines from substation Pererva to transitional point on overhead power line VL Saburovo, Baskakovo. Extension of the line is 1995 meters.

Customer: Energokompleks JSC

Beginning of construction: October, 2008.

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Substation Pererva Substation Pererva Substation Pererva Substation Pererva

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