Substation Pervomayskaya

The substation Pervomayskaya is constructed on the territory of Eastern Administrative Region of Moscow to the address: 16th Parkovaya, vl. 2. The object is a three-storey construction of 82,5х43 meters in size.

The complex of all-construction works is executed. Construction of engineering networks with general extension of 1103 m is executed. Electric equipment adjustment is mounted: TDCTN power transformers – 100000/220-U1, complete gas-insulated switchgear KRUE 220 kV series 8DN9-2 (8 units), cases of complete switchgear KRU-20 kV, KRU-10 kV, a relay board, adjusting LTDN transformers.

The substation was put into operation on 09.09.2010.

Works on construction of 2nd launching complex are being conducted: connection of cable lines KL 220 kV from substation Pervomayskaya to transitional point No. 208 of 3128 meters long.

Customer: Energokompleks JSC

Beginning of construction: September, 2008.

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Substation Pervomayskaya Substation Pervomayskaya Substation Pervomayskaya

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