Activities Report of the Nizhny Novgorod Directorate Branch OAO “Electrotsentromontazh” for June through September 2013


From June through September 2013, the Nizhny Novgorod Directorate performed the following works:

  1. Novogorkovskaya HPP” OAO “TGC-6”. Reconstruction with installation of a CCGT Unit .

  • lighting of boiler house No.1;
  • secondary protection system for generator shafts;
  • storage premises for ‘Alstom” equipment;

a) installation of fire alarm equipment;

b) installation of control wiring;

c) cabling a CCTV surveillance camera power supply;

d) grounding the main machine bases No.1, No.2.

  1. OOO “Avtozavodskaya HPP”. Technical upgrading of SWYD (110 kW) of the HPP 4.

  • Removal/construction of monolithic foundation for SWYD equipment (110 kW);
  • Removal/installation of SWYD equipment (110kW);
  • Removal/installation of cable lines and control wiring.

  1. OAO “OKBM Afrikantov”. Technical upgrading of OKBM power supply systems. Reconstruction of the “Volna” ES (110/6 kW)

  • installation of supply transformer TRDN 25000/110 kW (1T);
  • structural steel erection for power and control cable laying;
  • assembling the electrical equipment (10 kw);
  • structural steel erection for closed switchgear equipment (6 kW).

  1. Vladimirskaya HPP-2. Reconstruction of the HPP-2 and installation of the CCGT Unit 420.

  • transposition of the existing cable runways and cable 6kW of the transformers 66t, 67T, 71T, SWYD (110 kW);
  • installation of 110 kW portals;
  • installation of a lightning discharger;
  • GIS -220 KW. Power supply of lifting equipment;
  • grounding of the GIS-220 kW and the relay cabinet. Power cables;
  • GIS-220 kW and the relay cabinet. Arrangement of electrical equipment;
  • Installation of light fixtures GTO, at marks + 19.00; +12,50;
  • Main building. Lighting fixtures, at marks +8.000. +9.000;
  • Installation of lighting fixtures. At marks +4.100, +4.660, +5.330;
  • Installation of generator leads for FET and GTP;
  • transposition of existing 6kW cable runways, rows Б-В, axes 5-6, at mark -3,200;
  • Main building. Installation of ceiling light fixtures in the turbine house, row А-Б, axes 4-7;
  • Main building. Removal of the ceiling light fixtures of the powerhouse hall of the steam turbine department, row “A” – “Б“, axes 2 – 7.
       5. “Zhigulevskaya HEPP”. Reconstruction of SWYD (500 kW)

  • Structural steel erection for 500 kW SWYD equipment;
  • Installation of 500 kW SWYD equipment.
       6. Novocheboksarskaya HPP-3. Upgrading:

Turbine house

  • transposition of the existing cable runway;
  • installation of CMD&A equipment and materials, vent system;
  • installation of a disconnecting switch cabinet. Installation of equipment and materials;
  • installation of a current lead. Installation of equipment and materials;
  • electric lighting. Installation of equipment and materials.

Closed Switchgear 6kW

  • removal of electric equipment;
  • installation of equipment and materials.

Open-installation transformers

  • Installation of equipment and materials;
  • reconstructive maintenance of transformers.

Excitation panel

  • installation of equipment and materials (BOP switchgear – 0,4 kW);
  • installation of equipment (Transformer ТСЗП-2000/15 ВУЗ, cabinet ШЗМ-04, resistor block БР-05-03);
  • grounding (earth conductor).

Overpass structure

  • in-site cable networks.

BOP switchgear – 6 kW

  • installation of equipment and materials.

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